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10 Things That Make Toronto a Great Place to Party

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Known as North America's boomtoom, Toronto is always expanding with fresh, innovative ideas for a good time. Boasting a fun nightlife, plenty of food and culture it is one of the best places to party!

  • A Thriving Music Scene

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    Toronto has one of the best music scenes in the country and is fast becoming a leading live music tourist destination. Concert venues and bars showcase a full range of musical genres for every fan.

  • Rich Sports Culture

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    Toronto plays a fierce game and have regular sporting events taking place during every season. With pubs and bars lining the stadiums, you'll be able to party with fans alike after every game.

  • Toronto's Broadway Babies

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    Take one of the old fashioned street cars and hit Canada's largest theatre district. It has the highest concentration of nightclubs, bars, and restaurants in the city too, so dining options are vast.

  • Chilling in the Clubs

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    The neighbourhoods come alive at night! After a long week, there's nothing like hitting the dance floor with that frenetic energy. Visit the Entertainment District or King West for booming beats.

  • Boozing in the Bars

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    With the bar scene located in many different areas of Toronto, there's lots to look out for as each has their own style that cater to a specific audience. Start boozing in the Annex and work around.

  • Naughty Nudes at the Beach

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    The beach at Hanlan's Point is one of the few public places in Canada where full nudity is permitted. Though you don't need to disrobe entirely, with evening parties just let loose and don't be shy.

  • Food Frenzy

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    There are over 8,000 restaurants in the city alone and over 50 neighborhoods in the GTA specializing in their own flare, you'll never go hungry no matter what the craving. 

  • Multicultural City Means Fun Festivals for All

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    With Toronto being the world's most multicultural city, you can bet there are festivals for everyone! With a variety showcasing music, food, film and culture, you really can't miss out.

  • Laughing Out Loud

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    Canadians are underrated comedians. With a ton of comedy clubs and bars in and around the city hosting budding comedians and industry icons, chuckle the night away with good food and drinks.

  • Friends with (Car) Benefits

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    Torontonians are known to be über friendly! With an eclectic mix of individuals from all cultures and backgrounds in this city, you're bound to meet someone fun and might even pay the tab.

10 Reasons To Go Out in Ottawa

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Ottawa is the nation's capital, home to a vibrant arts and nightlife scene. With affordable ways to keep entertained, see why you should check out Canada's 4th largest city!

  • Find Me In "Da Club"

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    Ottawa may look quiet, but nestled cozily within the city are some of the hottest clubs. From Barrymore's Music Hall to Caliente, fire up the beats and hit the dance floor—you'll be here all night.

  • Raising the Bar

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    If your idea of nightlife includes hitting a bar for drinks and socializing, Ottawa's it! From artsy French bars to locally owned, the food may be minimal but there's a grand selection of alcohol.

  • Indulging at Le Cordon Bleu

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    There are a ton of restaurants in Ottawa, but all of their chefs start here! Bleu is North America's headquarters for the world’s best school that teaches classical French cuisine—indulge and enjoy!

  • Karaoke Nights

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    Shanghai isn't just the oldest Chinese restaurant in the city, it's the greatest destination for hosting wild karaoke nights every Saturday. And with no cover charge!

  • Catch a Festival

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    With festivals from Fashion Week to the Carp Fair, there's always something going on in the city. The biggest draw belongs to Winterlude/Bal de Neige every February with live music and ice sculptures.

  • Visiting ByWard Market

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    Located in the district of Lower Town, ByWard has everything you'd imagine. From museums, cafes, specialty food shops, boutiques and galleries, restaurants, pubs and clubs—it's worth taking in!

  • Cha-Ching! Feeling Lucky?

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    Ottawa is home to at least a dozen casinos, complete with fine dining and drinking. A variety of casinos offer slots, racetracks and tables. Hopefully, you'll score big! 

  • "Pub" Up The Volume

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    Ottawa has a diverse variety of new and old pubs all over the city. From new-age pubs to locally owned, to western themed—these pubs host live music, trivia and a wide menu of savory pub fare.

  • Mad About Shisha

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    Shisha bars (or hookah), have fast become one of Ottawa's signatures. Attracting diverse party-goers, many are embracing the shisha culture with lounges around almost every corner.

  • Sleep It Off in Prison

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    Party-goers love the Ottawa Jail Hostel! Formerly Carleton County Gaol, patrons sleep in prisoner's cells, tour the grounds and get free breakfast. Did you know the top floor (Death Row) is haunted?

Looking for the Top Party Places in Ontario?

Check out our listing of the hottest clubs in Ontario, read reviews, view upcoming events and more.

Tryst Nightclub

82 Peter Street, Toronto Ontario Canada

Part parlor, garden, and labyrinth under the stars – a night at tryst is an enchanting experience, catering only to Toronto’s most elite clientele. Tryst Nightclub is divided into five distinct but interconnected spaces including the Havana Lounge, the Loft, Vegas Suites, The Vault at Tryst and the Garden Patio. Each space speaks to a [more]


81 Peter Street, Toronto Ontario Canada

Time Toronto is the newest addition to the Toronto club scene and caters to a mature and trendy clientele looking to enjoy a sophisticated event or have an incredibly fun time drinking, partying or just relaxing in the lounge amongst food and friends. This multi-level party playground features hip, dark, sensual decor and a luxurious heated [more]

Mansion Nightclub (Ottawa)

400A Dalhousie, Ottawa Ontario Canada
613 878 8110

Mansion is a stunningly beautiful, multi level nightclub catering to a young affluent sexy audience. With multiple levels, exotic and sexy decor, elaborate VIP areas, rooms and bottle service booths, Mansion has become Ottawa's best venue for party goers, This popular night club caters to fashion shows, artists and brings Ottawa to a new [more]


2220 Highway 7, Toronto Ontario Canada

SiN ON 7 is immaculate for enticing clients with a gratifying atmosphere and spontaneity that’s guaranteed to leave any audience speechless. Instilling aspects of all that’s observed to be entertaining and satisfying. SiN ON 7 Nightclub is the elite nightlife destination. [more]

Barrymores Music Hall

323 Bank Street, Ottawa Ontario Canada

Welcome to Ottawa's ultimate destination for live music, dancing and fun Thursday through Sunday. Over the years, it has gained a reputation for drawing new talent in addition to local and international talent. Dating back to the early 1900's, the music hall is housed in an old theatre filled with character. Today, the club draws music of all [more]

Luxy Entertainment Complex

60 Interchange Way. , Toronto Ontario Canada

Luxy is an experience that transcends the boundaries of all Entertainment Venues and has caught the attention of Toronto's elite clientele. Dazzling decor and dramatic multi-dimensional lighting effects set the stage for an extraordinary experience that exhilarates and makes you want to stay to party and dance even longer. Nightly, spectacular [more]

C Lounge

456 Wellington St. West (west, Toronto Ontario Canada

C Lounge is Toronto’s first spa-inspired bar featuring an amazing, luxurious design and a chic and tranquil ambience meant to pamper your senses and induce you into a state of total relaxation. In the summertime, the venue’s centerpiece is the outdoor patio, which is dominated by a beautiful fountain taking center stage and surrounded by [more]


364 Richmond Street (side entrance), Toronto Ontario Canada

Situated on the upper level of Product. The club’s ultra-chic interior design is an “art collector’s residence-meets-nightlife” concept, says designer Kenny Baird, “drawing influences from a modern New York penthouse apartment al la Studio 54 with a mix of colourful paintings, collage works, murals and sculpture that pay homage to New [more]


423 College St. W, Toronto Ontario Canada

Experience Toronto at its highest potential with the most superior nightclub in the city. Featuring premium sound and light shows with world-renowned DJs, RYZE gives you the ultimate hot spot for a night unlike any other. Join the ranks of the city’s VIP dance scene as you discover sound as you've never heard it before, and learn why it’s been [more]

Cake Bar & Nightclub

214 Adelaide Street West, Toronto Ontario Canada

Cake Bar & Nightclub prides itself on being the newest and hottest inhabitant of Toronto’s famous Adelaide district. Split into 2 party “levels” featuring multiple VIP booths, ultramodern sound and lighting systems, delicious slow food, a huge variety of drinks, and impeccable service, Cake Bar & Nightclub aims to offer its clientele an [more]