Phoenix Events on Thursday September 12, 2013

5 Fun Events in Phoenix

By clubZone

After watching the beautiful sunset over the Phoenix desert, the real magic of the city comes to life. Here are some of the most popular parties in Phoenix!

  • Halloween Parties

    By clubZone

    If you want to celebrate Halloween in Phoenix, there are some great ways to do it. The Haunted Hotel Bar at the Saguaro offers a spooky, Halloween-themed pool party!

  • Circle K on NYE

    By clubZone

    Circle K is Phoenix's annual way to ring in the new year and it's awesome. Phoenix brings the dance clubsoutside by transforming the Mill Avenue District into an all night attraction. 

  • Country Music Nights

    By clubZone

    Country Music lovers can't miss country music nights at Martini Ranch. It happens every Wednesday and the laid back atmosphere will make you feel at home.  

  • Live Shows at The Nash

    By clubZone

    Feeling Jazzy? Hit up The Nash. It's the live music venue in Phoenix dedicated to Jazz Music. They have shows at night but also play host to a great community of jazz enthusiasts and educators!

  • Movies at FilmBar

    By clubZone

    Honestly, FilmBar might be the best idea in the entire world. It's a movie theater and a bar in one. You can sip wine and beer while enjoying their shows. They play independent films. It's awesome.  

Nightlife entertainment guide for Phoenix

Looking for an event in Phoenix on Thursday September 12, 2013? Look no further. Here is your nightlife entertainment guide for Phoenix.