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Pittsburgh Private Rental Venue

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Spirits Gallery

887 Progress St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (North) United States


The Spirits Gallery is an art and music event venue as well as working art studio. Art openings and events for varied musical genres are welcome. Recent shows have ranged from late night electronic dance music to heavy metal bands. Venue booking: Philip Dye 412-418-7367 Mark Murdzak 412-628-4371 Rose Dye [more]

Energy Innovation Center Pittsburgh

1435 Bedford Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania United States


Designed and equipped by corporate partners, this 6.6 acre urban complex will promote energy-sector research and innovation and create direct and deliberate bridges to job creation, entrepreneurship and urban economic revitalization. [more]

Work Hard Pittsburgh

744 East Warrington Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania United States


The Hardware Store is Pittsburgh's Southern-most coworking space specializing in providing an interface for freelance media producers, startups, and nonprofits. Membership is $150/month and provides unlimited access to our greenscreen, podcasting suite, and amenities. [more]