1015 Folsom

Claiming to be one of the largest, most creative and most unique nightclubs in the Bay, Ten15 is the ideal party spot for a private, business or special event celebration. The venue has received international and local acclaim for its advanced and unparalleled sound and lighting systems, breadth of musical talent and beautiful decor.

The massive club boasts multiple rooms, each with five bars and five DJ booths allows partiers to dance, drink and party with no restraints. The decor is classified as modern yet classy, including wood floors, metallic tiles and glass bars. Furthermore, check out the cascading water wall and high technology features throughout the space.

This nightclub claims to boast San Francisco's most high tech lighting and sound systems for live music, DJs and all sorts of entertainment. It marks one of the most developed systems in California.

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1015 Folsom, San Francisco