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Davie Street has indeed maintained its status as seriously hot grazing grounds, with new joints constantly sprouting here and there, and the latest addition – simply named 1181 – seals the deal. Lucky for us, the latest implementation of the already irritating trend of address-based monikers doesnt translate 1181 into an equally boring venture. Taking over the old Book Warehouse on Davie, transcends its gay bar stereotype into its own place among the surrounding hyperactive venues. Brought to you by the local architecture duo of David Battersby and Heather Howat, the design is all but boring. Low-key, comfy and very intimate, its defined by clear lines and sleek furniture. The room exudes a genuine cleverness to the already clever Davie Street area and has embraced the understated modern coolness found more in Yaletown and Kits. Initially, the name of the bar was Tight, a wickedly cool name. However, the B.C. Liquor Control Board turned down the name, as it had connotations of getting a little tight, meaning drunk. Alas, the team went the numbered route, with 1181. The focus is on fun, drinks and hanging out with a cool selection of people. Its clearly a nice addition to the hood and one that has caught on quickly with weekend nights already packed and weekdays catching up quickly. The drink list pushes this neighbourhood pub into my good books. Cocktails are categorically placed into headings such as sweet, sour and salty and the choices abound. Icons are placed at the side of each drink, referring to the size and shape of the glass theyre served in. The wines are well chosen and cover all taste bases. Wrapped in leather, youll have no trouble keeping hydrated from this menu. The best bet is to stick with the animated cocktail list. Favourites seem to be from the sweet category, focusing on mixing gins, tequila, rum or vodka with raspberries, pink grapefruit and peach juice and similar such substances. They all clock in at $8.50 each and are a great start to a night out on the town. – L.H.

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