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1234 Montreal

Club 1234 is Montreal’s Premiere Nightclub offering an amazing party experience that will take your next night out on the town to the next level. The main dance floor is a mix of contemporary styling giving an exclusive and swanky atmosphere. The stylish bars and people to match let you know that this is the place to be with the hottest singles in Montreal! Club 1234 can hold up to 1,500 party people where the dance floor is sizzling and caters to a stylish crowd. With a state of the art light and sound system, Club 1234 has hosted performances by world-class DJs including Derrick Carter and Louie Vega, truly a testament to the party lifestyle Club 1234 hosts . Be part of the experience where the dance floor is packed with party people cheering on the DJ amidst a smoke machine-filled, laser-lit celebration extravaganza. If you are in the mood to hit the town in style and share the dance floor with some beautiful people, rue de la montagne’s most famous party address may be the place for you.

Club 1234
1234 De La Montagne St.
Montreal (QC), H3G 1Z1, Canada
Call or TXT: 514.774.7827

Photo galleries

Electric Motel Fridays (6/29/2012) @ 1234
1234, Montreal
Saturday Night Live (5/12/2012) @ 1234
1234, Montreal