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1410 World Bier Haus Calgary


1410 Specializes in biers from around the World, hosting 22 different Biers on tap and over 100 by the bottle and can.
Owner and Operator Ernie Tsu, General Manager Greg Wellborn and Marketing Manager Amy MacDonald have all traveled abroad to Belgium and Germany in the past 3 years to seek out some of our most popular Biers in Haus. Visiting the breweries and meeting the Brew masters of the Brouwerij Huyghe Brewery, Stigel and Erdinger to name a few. After traveling to Europe in 2007, Ernie has since done extensive training and Bier Tastings with staff and Customers of 1600 and 1410 World Bier Haus. Along with Executive Stu Nickelson writing the World menus to pair off Biers from around the World. Our menu is 90% made from scratch within the restaurant. All of our soups, sauces and many more items are made fresh daily from only the freshest of ingredients. Our meats are the best quality on the market, AAA sterling silver beef, gourmet sausage, calamari and Ahi tuna are prepared twice a week in haus.