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217 Bowery New York


217 Bowery – Walk in and wander through the Moroccan dcor scene and gently sit on the authentic “Matias” fabric couches from its origins and youll feel like youre a belda from the Algiers Mountains. Right at Rivington, you wont have to rush to Morocco anytime soon because natives feel right at home here with its authentic Middle Eastern vibe. Its handcrafted vases and wall-mounted rugs add import appeal, as well as the brightened scarlet-colored salient lighting fixtures that splatter locals from above. This place screams authenticity with its original furnishings straight from its roots. Regulars enjoy tuning into DJ Reg Wests masterful hip-hop beats while sipping their flavorful cocktails and privately chatting with friends thanks to those Moroccan star wood screens that so elegantly fill the room. Stop by the bar and be sure to try the Babylon Garden before you leave. Delicious.

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