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24 Moonns Palm Bay


24 Moons (The Modern Day Speakeasy) is a
dark-opulent-esque underground space, located in the discreet playground of progressive ACDC lane. The bar offers over twenty-four manicured cocktails and an experimental interactive artistic platform.
Opened last October 24 Moons has segmented a cultural hub in the CBD.

The concept behind 24 Moons was birthed by industry minds Marcus Motteram, Simon Digby, Boris von Rechenberg and Michael Christodoulou, who all bring a creative ingredient to the home of 24 moons. The minds describe the place as, ‘Premium with soul…meaning substance and care, in preference to slick pretence or meaningless glamour.’

It’s a chic cocktail lounge featuring a sophisticated blend of textures and materials. The interior, designed by 24 Moon’s pioneers, cultivates a strange melting point between urban meets the natural. The affluent mood is reinforced by forest motifs decorating the walls. It’s dimly lit through pixelated-dappled light seeping throughout the space, creating an ambient sensibility.

Expanding tradition, 24 Moons offers world-class signature cocktails with key ingredients fusing East and West tradition. The Modern Day Speakeasy comes as a vision to incorporate a lively programme of performative elements into the cocktail bar environment, hence the origins of the speakeasies of the 1920’s, where Jazz, striptease and light entertainment were staged. The speakeasy was also a vibrant hub of night-people, visionaries, and thinkers.

The diverse range of music stems across a magnitude of genres. The thematic programme at 24 Moons is testimony to the progressive nature of the bar. It’s a modular space, interchanging from creative performances every Wednesday night, where 24 moons opens the stage to local artists for Open Dress, to ‘Live at 24 Moons’ every Friday and Burlesque titillation accompanied by deep grooves from local DJ’s complimenting the environment every Saturday after dark.

It’s an enchanted, new age, utopian space, creating a somewhat natural environment. The space is in constant shift and can be re-arranged to cater for your appetite. There are sliding screens for visual projections and the seating arrangement is forever changing.