360 Club

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Take an old Royal Canadian Legion hall established in 1945, add some new solid oak wooden booths & paneling, exposed brick, an awesome live music hall and a patio for people watching on Queen Street West, and what you get is a very COOL place to drink, eat and catch some great bands. Ideal “obstruction free” sightlines make THE 360 the perfect place to see some of the world’s most established and some of the hottest up and coming bands. The sound system is out of this world and sends you home shakin' and beggin’ for more. Lucky for you the club has live music at least 5 nights a week so you can do it all over again as often as you like. A living museum of the complicated 30 year evolution of the Queen West strip, the best thing about THE 360 is that it’s still an active Ukrainian legion hall. Don’t worry, they dig the music too! We’re the club in Toronto where you can see the best bands, enjoy the most stimulating drinks, meet the sexiest people and eat the tastiest food on the HOTTEST strip in Toronto!