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51 Lincoln of Newton Boston


Globally Influenced, Locally Sourced, Creatively Driven Our mission focuses on the principles of quality, tradition, innovation and devotion to hospitality. We aim to achieve and maintain distinction by consistently providing guests with handmade food and drink that meets the highest standards, demonstrates our creativity and attention to detail, and inspires guests to return again and again. We utilize the very best organic ingredients from local farmers, changing our menu daily and creating all of our offerings in-house, to support our vision of sustainability.By maintaining these objectives we ensure that all guests and staff are treated well, with the respect they deserve, so allowing us to contribute in meaningful ways to the community. 51 Lincoln is driven by passion to create and to serve.

51 Lincoln’s core philosophy revolves around the principles of quality, value, and creativity. The best ingredients, a passion for flavor, innovation, and attention to detail are the foundation of what we offer our guests.

A practical approach to cost, in both food and wine, and our support of local and organic farmers ensures that we meet our high standards and deliver them to our guests.

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