Absinthe Lounge

Absinthe Lounge

Absinthe Lounge in Dallas has the legal version of Absinthe, which still contains wormwood, but ours is the non-European version. Ask for our Absinthe specialty drinks, such as the Absintini, or the Good n’ Plenty.

Absinthe, romantically known as the Green Fairy, though not distilled in the modern manner until the late 18th century, can trace its roots as far back as ancient Greece. The famed philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras recommended wormwood soaked in wine to aid labor in childbirth, while Hippocrates, the forefather of modern medicine, prescribed a similar concoction for jaundice, rheumatism, anemia and menstrual pains.

A half-century later, the Roman scholar Pliny the Elder recommended absinthe as an elixir of youth and cure for bad breath, at the same time noting that it had become customary for the champions of chariot races to consume a cup of wormwood leaves soaked in wine to remind them that even glory has its bitter side. By the time of England's Tudor Dynasty of the 1500s, a sort of absinthe called "purl" was being consumed by the country's working classes.

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