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Academy Food, Drinks & Music Winnipeg


The Academy Bar & Eatery is pleased to announce the attainment of the restaurant location situated on the corner of Osborne and Stradbrook in the Village, which previously housed the Freehouse Restaurant & Lounge. At present the Academy Bar & Eatery is located at 414 Academy Road where it features nightly live music, drawing local favourites including singer songwriters to fully established bands of all genres, from the novice to the professional. The menu offers light fare such as wraps, quesadillas, pizzas, and sandwiches with full breakfast served on weekends. The move to the new location will bring many changes yet also retain many of the features present at the current location.

The size of the new location in the Village is approximately 3 times that of the Academy road location, allowing for bigger and better musical acts and performances. Renovations are under way to improve the decor of the space and to enhance the acoustics.

The new location for the Academy will be an in demand venue for bands and musical acts with its large stage and capacity for 325 patrons. The new location, which will hold a cabaret license, will feature a state of the art sound and light system, for improved performances.

While the menu will remain largely the same as the present location, there will be additions such as a new appetizer menu and dinner features. The new location will provide a perfect lunch spot for local businesses and residents, serving quick, quality meals to suit everyone’s budget and tastes. The Academy will have the largest licensed patio in the Village to provide the perfect spot to enjoy sunny afternoons and busy evenings in the vibrant Village atmosphere.

Owner Brian Allison and his staff at the Academy Bar & Eatery are looking forward to their new home within the wonderful Osborne Village neighbourhood, and are eager to serve new customers as well as old.