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AER Lounge The Meatpacking District’s latest hotspot draws inspiration from a surprising medley of influences including Greek Mythology, Classical French Dining, as well as the best amenities a lounge can offer. The name draws from the Greek term for the air that mortals breathe. Aer’s private VIP membership is named after the air that gods breathe, Aether. There is a light, ethereal, and refreshing design predominant here with fluid, ever-changing and sublime lighting with raindrop and butterfly imagery behind the bar. There’s more than enough space to kick back, relax, or of course, dance. There’s even a “smoker-friendly” outdoor veranda. Downstairs, the Aether VIP room includes flat-panel plasma screen TVs, DJ performances, dining, and a top-flight humidor lounge. The menu draws upon classical French with Caribbean elements. The wine list was made with great care to compliment the traditional yet innovative cooking