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Afriq Restaurant & Lounge Seattle


Afriq Restaurant & Lounge

By this time you know that it’s been over a year since there’s been a decent place for Africans to call their own in Seattle (alright, I’m not talking about the 100+ Ethopian/ Eritrean restaurants in the city). So I’ve been working for a while to bring this to you, and finally…AFRIQ.

Located at 12619 Renton AV S in Seattle (Renton/ Skyway area) AFRIQ is a Kenyan owned Restaurant/ Lounge providing the best food and entertainment from the African Diaspora.

Set to open in 2008 AFRIQ will feature a vast yet simple menu sampling foods from all over Africa. The bar will also have exotic beers, wines and spirits from all over. Entertainment will be provided by some of the best African DJs and artists you’ve come to know and love over the years. All in all, an all round rich African cultural experience in Seattle.

Keep checking back for the exact Grand Opening date, sample menu and other important information.

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