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Agave Austin


Legend says that firewater distilled from the blue agave plant (aka tequila) makes you dance, and if that’s the case, Agave is well-named. Find the best burn for the buck with over 44 different kinds of tequila to choose from. House and top shelf make amazing Mexican martinis. Most patrons are single 20- and 30-somethings pulsing to the high energy hip-hop and techno. The guys also enjoy the all-female bar staff.

A great college bar to hang out in! Agave has a very eclectic crowd! You never know who you will see in this hot spot! With two bars, there is never a reason for you to be empty handed! They have a very efficient and friendly staff with drink specials every night of the week! This is agreat place to go during the week, not just on the weekends! With a great atmosphere Agave attracts the most interesting people! If you want to go to a place to sit back with some drinks and chill Agave is the right place for you!