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Ago Los Angeles

AGO, the elegant Italian Trattoria named after its celebrated executive chef partner Agostino Sciandri, is one of the latest additions to grace the envlave of prestigious restaurants in West Hollywood. And Hollywood loves it!

With the financial backing of Miramax moguls Bob and Harvey Weinstein, actor Robert De Niro, directors Tony and Ridley Scott, entrepreneurs Gianni Nunnari and Meir Tepper, the popular chef has created his own rendition of an upscale Italian Trattoria. “It’s just like the charming seaside or countryside trattoria you’d discover 30 kilometers outside Florence or Siena,” notes Agostino, who recrited architect Ralph Gentile & Sophie Harvey, to implement the design.

“The menu merges what’s best of three regions of Italy Tuscany, Liguria, and Emilio Romano,” notes Agostino. Satiating the palate is an unusual and enticing variety of pasta dishes, seafood and steaks, Spaghetti allo Scoglio, and Risotto Al Funghi. House specialities include Fritto Misto Mare (mixed fried fish); Pollo alla Toscana (Tuscan-styled chicken, cooked in herbs) served with fried vegetables; and Agostino’s incomparable signature dish – Bistecca alla Fiorentina. The specialty entrees, prepared in a variety of delectable sauces, (Agostino’s forte), reveal the one identifying difference between upscale and trattoria dining – price.

“You can order a special “off the menu” item for $50.00 or a chicken dish served with potatoes for $16.00″ said Agostino. “it’s a rich man- poor man type of food. The same as you get in Italy.” Ago, closer to the action and more accessible to the Hollywood crowd, has joined the cluster of venues in town where deals are sealed while steaks, seafood, chicken and chops are seared to perfection.

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