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Airconditioned Lounge San Diego

What makes the AIR CONDITIONED Lounge cool? Surely, there must be more to it than the name. Regular patrons often point to the sunken living room in the middle of the dance floor as proof that the AC Lounge (as it is commonly called) has hip party pedigree. Others immediately refer to the Freon Room, a VIP mirror-clad lair that has a brass pole mysteriously growing from the floor through the ceiling. A truly unique place to party and unwind, you’ll be able to mix and mingle with San Diego’s hippest singles and VIPers who come to celebrate, dance, and drink till the early hours.

But the dancing patrons always say it’s the music. The sound at the AC Lounge works hard not to mimic the Top 40 tracks favored in the bigger downtown clubs. Cool is being distinctive, and the AIR CONDITIONED Lounge is proud of having sights, sounds and DJs that deliver a unique San Diego experience.

And lastly, Sean Connery and Roger Moore have presided over the festivities at the AC Lounge since it opened in 2004. Now, if that ain’t cool, what is?

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House Music Fridays @ The AC Lounge – Aug 12, 2016
Airconditioned Lounge, San Diego
House Music Fridays @ The AC Lounge – July 29, 2016
Airconditioned Lounge, San Diego