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Alibi Room Seattle

Alibi Room is located in the historic Pike Place Market in Seattle. Alibi Room is a VIP restaurant and cocktail bar starts daily form 4pm to 2am. Downstairs lounge hosts nights of Friday and Saturday, with the best dance DJ from Seattle.

They offer several packages ranging from basic cash bar room rental are disposed of entertainment events. The systems of club sound quality are ready for the digital music player or a DJ, or hire a virtuous vinyl resident.

The menu reflects a strong desire to provide familiar comfort food with an emphasis on meat quality ingredients. All and poultry are either of local origin, marine friendly, naturally elevated or Run Free. Beer can be, at least as different as the wine when it is paired with food. The wine list offers a boutique of local wines and organic farming. The Alibi Room is generous enough to host and cater party. The spread is spectacular – pizzas, veggies and hummus, different breads and desserts – and the bartender working the bar are really friendly and chatty. The room is the perfect size for group of 30 or so people, few well-placed chairs to supplement the big booths. If anyone needs a private room for a party he could definitely take to the Alibi room .The HH food is well priced and quite tasty and the drinks are delicious. They have some cool art on the walls. The Alibi has established itself as a place for neighbors and community to share in great food, fantastic beer and culture.