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Alive in the district Winnipeg

Alive in the district

We were a group of friends, all professionals/businesspeople, who had given up on the Winnipeg club scene. Why pay a cover charge just to feel uncomfortable?

Some clubs made us feel old. We’d walk in the door, and our maternal instincts would kick in: “How old are these girls? Put something on for God’s sake . . .”

Some clubs were pretentious. Some clubs had staff that looked down on us. Some clubs had bartenders that ignored us and cocktail waitresses who didn’t know the names of the drinks they were serving. “Like, um, what’s in that?” Sigh.

But at ALIVE . . . well it’s different! Imagine live bands playing songs you can sing along to, big screen plasma TVs for the guys, a packed dance floor for the girls, all that and great service.

Look, if you’re 25 (and up) you may have the great job and a fantastic relationship but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to get out, tear it up, have fun and DANCE! We will ensure that you have an amazing time, in a SAFE, fun environment, every time you walk through our doors.

Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable at clubs? Well, put down that remote, and come down to Winnipeg’s beautiful and historic Exchange District.

It’s time to be reborn. It’s time to feel ALIVE.