United States: 312-878-0707

Alive One Chicago

Located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park area, AliveOne combines the very best of music and spirits, separated into two different barrooms.

The front bar offers a fully stocked bar and 16 different beers on tap! The taps include some of the best microbrews Chicago and the country have to offer. The front bar is also home to Chicago’s only “AllLive” jukebox. It contains only live recordings from rock an roll’s best bands from past and present.

We house an extensive collection of live concert bootlegs on cdr and analog tape, which are displayed in cases on the walls throughout the bar. Stop in and take a look at our cdr and analog tape archives for yourself! The bar is decorated with photographs and memorabilia spanning five decades and just as many musical genres, from Allman Brothers to Zappa, there’s something for everyone.

AliveOne’s backroom, with it’s own fully stocked bar, independent sound system and atmosphere, presents an alternative vibe to complement the front bar. The backroom is available for private parties any night of the week.

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