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Allure Downtown breaks all barriers of any club ever known and will modernize, revolutionize, and redefine the nightlife industry. It stretches approximately 8,000 square feet of endless possibilities. It was awarded the last twenty-four hour liquor license in the downtown district complimented by the number one rated sound system worldwide. This night club is customer service oriented with over one hundred and fifty members of their extended family ready to cater to each and every customer’s specific desires. The amenities offered through this masterpiece can cater to any event at any time, including yet not limited to, Corporate events, fashion shows, live performers, V.I.P. parties, and concerts. At Allure Downtown, one can indulge in and experience the true art of Meeting, Music, and Movement. Since capacity does come before opinion & wisdom is so strongly desired, we are confident to meet you there! Guest list or for more information on bottle reservations and VIP