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Amani Raha Birmingham


Amani Raha

Amani Raha Martini Bar, located in the Historic Martin Biscuit Building in Pepper Place, is the ultimate in lounge experiences. Alabama natives and co-owners, NFL star Terrell Owens and Antonio Minnifield created an ambiance unlike any other bar in Birmingham. With Amani being the Swahilli word for peace and Raha translating as happiness, Amani Raha offers just that.

Accenting the chic red and white decor are plush white sofas, chairs and low level tables. Votive candles also add a touch of romance. Sophisticated, yet down to earth, Amani reaches a diverse crowd. Patrons have opportunities to experience more than just a martini lounge. Amani is a venue that welcomes the community by hosting special events such as charity and fundraising events, corporate events, art exhibitions and poetry readings.