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Amber Bar & Cocktail Lounge San Francisco


Amber Bar & Cocktail Lounge

This small lounge is located near the intersection of Church and Market Streets. Amber Lounge is tucked unobtrusively away on 14th Street, but the hipsters have managed to find it.

This special venue has curved walls, a tubular shape and subtle lighting. The one room contains just a bar and a good amount of seating on couches, but the seats go quickly as the attractive, young clientele comes in and stakes out territory. However, there is still usually some room leftover to sit or stand by the bar.

Part of a dying breed- smoking is still permitted inside Amber because it is owner-operated. The ventilation is good so the air isn’t too thick with fumes, but if you’re the sensitive sort, you may want to go elsewhere.

DJs play themed music from turntables wedged into a corner.

You’ll probably find this space is too small for dancing, but just right for chilling out and relazing.

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