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Amber (WestVillage) New York

Amber is an amazing Chain “Asian Bistro & Eatery|Sushi Bar|Cocktail Lounge” based in NYC. This one in particular is 2 floors full of energy from every corner. 2nd Floor mainly open for RSVP Private Dinner, Cooperate events, and special events.
1st Impression once you walk into Amber- West Village, is the beautiful Fish Tank. The Fish tank is amazing filled with a variety of exotic live real fish.
2nd Decor you will notice after is the Buddha Statue. Once you get closer to the statue, you will notice more fish.
Whether you are looking for some fresh sushi, exotic drinks, or special events. This is a perfect destination for you and yours.

Amber is Located in NYC, West Village (Greenwich) Area.
6th Ave (Ave of America) Between 9th & 10th Street.

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