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Ange Mystique (formally the Prince of Wales)


Nestled away off South Londons Old Kent road, in what used to be the old Prince of Wales free house, is now home to a culturally diverse, music mash-up popular haunt for Premiership football players, the likes of Essien, Obi and Drogba to dignitaries from the Commonwealth Office. No need for marketing ploys such as fliers or elaborate advertising campaigns, the club has progressed purely from word of mouth, a direct result of pure unadulterated good product- good music, fine drinks selection at affordable prices, impressive visuals and an intriguing ambiance which makes our customers tell their friends, who come back time and time again. Not just another R&b club, the scope of afro beats oozing out of the speakers encapsulates all musical forms of the African Diaspora. Clubbers from all cultures appreciate the atmosphere and loose themselves in the cocktail of musical genres.

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