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Anita Dee II Yacht Chicago

Want a truly special night? Cruise the waters of Lake Michigan on the Anita Dee II, a luxury yacht perfect for making your special event completely unforgettable. At 90 feet long and boasting two full-size decks, the Anita Dee II can hold up to 149 gorgeous party passengers dressed in their finest. If you’re thinking of hosting a party or are interested in joining in an out-of-the-ordinary New Years Eve bash, this just may be your ticket!

Dark wood trim and navy blue leather couches accent the authentic nautical decor of this yacht made for sailing the high seas (or in this case, the lake!) in style. The first deck is fully enclosed and weather-proofed to create an upscale, restaurant-style atmosphere. The kitchen and bar serves up a delicious, gourmet menu and perfect mixologist approved cocktails so you can prepare yourself for the long day or night ahead! Take your break here because this party on water can get crazy!

A party could never be complete without a place to dance the night away. The Anita Dee II makes your bash a true celebration with a large dance floor and a top-notch Chicago DJ playing the hottest new music to make sure you don’t stop for even a second. The second deck provides an ideal outside perch to take a break from the madness on the inside, offering a taste of the fresh, crisp lake breeze coming off of Lake Michigan. Take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of being in a private party oasis as you gaze at the awe-inspiring view of Chicago’s skyline twinkling in the distance.

With a gorgeous nautical tinged interior design, a chic crowd and an unforgettable setting, who wouldn’t want to party on the water? So take a break from the crazy city life and come celebrate your next special occasion on the Anita Dee II!

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