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Annex Theatre

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Annex Theatre Home of the Randolph Academy For The Performing Arts, the Annex Theatre is housed next to the Bathurst Street Theatre. Built in 1888, and with the cornerstone having been laid by Prime Minister John A. Macdonald, the 550-seat Bathurst Street Theatre has had many incarnations. It was first a Methodist Church in what was once called the village of Seaton, now The Annex, and in 1924 became a United church.In the late 1950s, with a shrinking congregation, the church was transformed into a venue for alternate uses, including concerts. It wasn't until the mid '60s that stage productions were mounted. In 1975 the theatre rocked the city with the mainstage adult comedy production of Making Fun of the Baby Blue, a satire of City TV's Blue Movies. Today, the Bathurst Street Theatre, with excellent sightlines, is a landmark roadhouse for original Canadian theatre. Past productions have included the world premiere of Mollywood, and Stephen and Mr. Wilde. The Annex Theatre is the smaller of the two spaces.
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