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Area 51 Ultra Lounge San Diego


Area 51 Ultra Lounge has created the hookah lounge experience of the future, in collaboration with futuristic and famous designers. We have incorporated state of-the-art equipment, including a crisp sound system and lighting, blends of ultra-modern designs packed into 5,000 square feet of fun.

Breathtaking LED lighting technology, fiber optic lighting, adding to the surrealism of the space. It is the type of design one would expect to see in an animated or futuristic film, which makes it a fitting choice for the ultimate viewing experience. Enjoy all this with the art of hookah, then repleneshing the body with fine drinks, combined with an extraordinary selection of gourmet pastries and electronic music via DJ playlist, with complimentary wi-fi hot spot.

The zeal of this atmosphere has transformed a unique lounge to be the only of it’s type in North America.

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