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Area Lounge New York

Located just outside NYC, this 10,000 square foot multifaceted complex uses regal doors and a spacious entryway for guests to make their way into the venue.

Once inside the venue, you can find luscious brown, beige and green earth tones accentuating the interior walls and embroidered seats inviting a sophisticated, yet social crowd. Massive multi-globe chandeliers hanging from the ceiling become the centerpiece illuminating the dance floor. Equipped with a state-of-the-art audio and visual system, Area is designed to put on the ultimate show. Area also features 8 pool tables, and an indoor smoking lounge.

Our Executive Chef uses his colorful and unique palette to create a traditional menu with a twist; restaurant goers and food connoisseurs alike can be prepared for a delish spread that will not disappoint.

A dynamic ultra lounge experience
Eat . Drink . Play . Mingle

Valet parking is complimentary and the 7 Train is located just blocks away. So whether you’re reserving a private table for a friends birthday, or just heading out with a bunch of friends, Area has what you need to satisfy your party-going ways.

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