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Arena New York

Fusing classic New York charm with unparalleled technological capabilities, Arena sets a new standard for modern events.

The first rule of Arena- What happens in Arena stays in Arena

The Additional Arena Code of Conduct
Money does not guarantee entrance (nor does lingerie by the door or trying to bribe the doormen)
Arena is a place for people with good attitude, not with an attitude.
Dress Code: You cannot buy style; how is more important than who.

We don’t care how you dance as long as you dance like you don’t care
Gentlemen: please refrain from grabbing, pulling, -fighting or talking about fighting- begging or especially lying while in the company of ladies inside of Arena.

Ladies are encouraged to do all of the above, especially lying when in the company of Gentlemen in Arena.

Race, religion, sexual orientation and social status are your business, so please don’t make them anyone else’s.

We have an open mind, we expect you too.

Note: While in the club, a great attitude, a great style and sense of fun might earn you an invitation to another night (the size of your bill will not be included in the estimation of your invitation).

Located in the heart of Times Square, Arena is a purpose-built multi-level event venue boasting New York’s largest programmable L.E.D. lighting system.

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EMRG Media Networking (3/11/2009) @ Arena
Arena, New York