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Aria Entertainment Complex Toronto

Toronto’s nightclub gem is none other than the Aria Entertainment Complex located within the city’s center. Boasting 4 outrageous and ultra-hip party levels, Aria, Vanity, Haze, and Pure, Aria reigns supreme when it comes to offering the best drinks, food, music, VIP service, ambiance and dance scene around.

The flagship room of the Aria Complex is called Aria. Here you’ll find the most intense and sophisticated sound and lighting system within a hundred miles. Impressive base and constantly changing custom visuals keep your attention focused on the DJ platform. The multi-tiered dance floor platforms will bring out your inner diva, while the three private VIP sections flanking the room solidify your status as an A-list celebrity.

Just above Aria, partygoers encounter the room Vanity. Of all the floors, Vanity offers the most chic, indulgent experience to its patrons. A central catwalk allows sexy, sultry ladies to strut their stuff under dramatic lights, while the DJ keeps the mood decadent and mischievous.

Continue on to Haze Nightclub and you’ll find unparalleled luxury around every turn. The smaller dance floor encourages greater intimacy between dance partners while trance beats thump wildly, adding a level of electricity to the air. At Haze, VIP partygoers are treated to regal bottle service within a roped off private VIP booth area, perfect for those seeking the ultimate private nightlife experience.

Finally at the pinnacle of the complex is club Pure, which represents bliss under the sky. A premiere patio and adult playground provides the most magnificent views of the Toronto skyline alongside intimate DJ and performance areas. Three raised VIP sections and two full service bar areas add to the allure of Aria’s most exclusive party room.

A truly massive club for having massively good times, Aria never disappoints when it comes to providing the best in nightlife entertainment. With 4 floors to choose from, there is always a sound, a beat, and a scene for everyone to enjoy the night to the fulest. When it comes to partying in style with your crew, Aria is the not-to-be-missed club venue in Toronto!

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Aria Entertainment Complex, Toronto
TIGHT AND BRIGHT AT ARIA SATURDAY (4/5/2014) @ Aria Entertainment Complex
Aria Entertainment Complex, Toronto