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Aristocrat`s Club Seattle

Aristocrat`s Club

The Aristocrat’s Club has been host to some of the top DJ’s from around the world. DJ’s such as: Mark Farina, Doc Martin, John Howard, DJ Disciple, Honey Dijon, Aphrodite, DJ Pierre and during our re-opening weekend – John Creamer and Heather. And some of the best home-grown DJ’s such as: Donald Glaude and Wesley Holmes, Julie Herrera, Miss Funk, just to name a few. Every week we have regular nights and special events. Things are constantly changing at the Aristocrat’s Club so keep your eyes and ears open (see events for more information). The only things that stay the same are the friendly people and attitudes, awesome drinks and a quest for great music and lots of fun. HISTORY The building that is the Aristocrat’s Club today was built in the early 1900s and used as a hotel / bar in the early years. From then on it was used as a bar and various restaurants including very popular Italian restaurant in the 70s, and is now a nightclub. From modest beginnings, the Aristocrat’s Club was transformed from a restaurant into the nightclub that you see today. It took more than 1,000 work hours to complete the renovations and there is still much in the planning stages. UPSTAIRS On the street level, also called the "Blue Room" or the "Twilight Lounge", there has been a lot of changes in the past 2 years. From a restaurant with carpet and a wine-cellar, to a trendy night-spot. Everything was renovated and changed from the cieling to the floor and everything inbetween. This was completed in 1999. Now this level is used for formal functions such as art shows, wedding receptions, charity benefits and events, record release parties and more. Informally it is used every weekend for various music promotions and events. DOWNSTAIRS The structure and layout of the downstairs has remained very much the same, leaving the charm of the arches as a major feature of the Club. The downstairs is undergoing major renovations at the moment so we cannot let any information leak. The grand re-opening of the downstairs will be on May 31st / June 1st so you can see for yourself what has been done.