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Artisian Well London


Not one of my favoutite venues when I first moved to London, but on a return visit recently was more than pleasantly surprised.

Unless you live local, it’s not a place you’d easily come across but if you can bare to stroll from the chain-bar clad high streets of the capital you’ll be glad you made the effort. The venue holds a fair few people, but cleverly housing two discreet bar areas as well as an upstairs dance room, it maintains an intimate feel to enjoy with friends and meet new ones.

Music-wise… well, it’s all subjective but, based on this visit, I’d be inclined to give Artisian Well a pretty strong score. It was consistently good all night, strolling in at 10pm to some classic soul-fuelled early house classics, leaving at 3am to much of the same but with a more generous quota of current and future dance anthems.

Crowd was mixed. Yeah, boys and girls obvioulsy, but also a full blend of geek to chic darlings which keeps the place very down to earth. Bar staff are also very friendly… dancing on the bar as everyone left was a very nice touch, if not 100% compliant with health and safety regs. But, hey, what do we care – shows that their attidude is spot on.