Artists First and S. Frosty Networx (SFX) Presents The Rotation

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The concept comes from the world of sports. In baseball, the most successful teams are those with the strongest rotation. Because a pitchers motion is so strenuous on the muscles of the arm and shoulder, it is not recommended that a pitcher throw on consecutive days. Therefore, managers employ the use of a starting rotation, or a list of their five best pitchers, in order, who pitch during five consecutive games. This allows the starting pitcher from game one to have four to five days of rest before throwing hard again. The starting rotation is the linchpin of any good team. If the starting rotation is strong throughout, that team is likely to be more successful than a team with a weaker starting rotation or only a mediocre one. In the Philly music scene, there are artists everywhere, of all calibers, many claiming allegiance to a team. How strong is your team? Can you compete with the elite musicians in a city where talent abounds? The Rotation is a monthly event showcasing labels, rosters, management companies, teams, cliques and squads, representing the best of hip hop, rock, R&B, neo-soul and spoken word. If you want to play, youd better bring it! ARTISTS FIRST PRESENTS THE ROTATION CEE KNOWLEDGE (aka Doodlebug of Digable Planets) and THE COSMIC FUNK ALLSTARS GOVERNMENT CHEAZE SUGAR TONGUE SLIM (STS) KIN4LIFE HOSTED BY TONY AWARD WINNING DEF POET BLACK ICE Special Performance by DJ SPARKLE(S) / PLAYNE JAYNE