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Ash Street Saloon Portland


Ash Street Saloon
Ash Street Saloon is one of Portland’s premier mid-size music venues located in the heart of Downtown Portland in the self-proclaimed ‘Bar-muda Triangle’ adjacent to other great Portland venues like The Roseland Theatre, Berbati’s Pan, Dante’s Inferno, Crystal Ballroom, Satyricon, Someday Lounge, et all. Opening our doors in 1994, the Ash St hosts live bands 7 nights a week 362 days a year. The club opens with a full bar and lunch specials at 11am everyday, then hosts a mean happy-hour in the afternoon hours 7 days a week, and we bring out the rock every evening. Our calendar weeks are filled with a wide variety of local rock bands, regional touring bands and national/international touring bands in a diverse genre base, catering to the more Rock audiences. We are a full concert venue, with a superior sound staff, check out the Tech Page for spec details on the clubs soundsystem. We occasional have open mic on Monday nights (mostly the winter months), welcoming performers of any sort. If you are a developing band and want to get those stage sea-legs, check out our open mic, it’s the best damn rehearsal you’ll ever have.

Over 120 years of History, the Ash St Saloon Building
You may have wandered by it. May have even caught a band playing there any night of the week. To me this place epitomizes your typical local bar for bands, loud, old, grungy, and full of people downing beer after beer. There is a history to the place. Before the Ash Street Saloon started in 1994, it was a Korean Restaurant, before that a Mexican Food joint, and long before that it was a bookstore, and sometime before that a barbershop. There was a restaurant called Hesse’s Cafe in the 1915 and 1930’s next to it, they used to pass out tokens for meals to all the sailors and port workers. It also had a card room in the back that few knew about. But it all started as the Bickle Building, built in 1885. This was where the Portland City Council would meet up stairs, below was a candy store.

The Ash Street Saloon is Rock-n-Roll Fortified….
“The emphasis on the Ash Street’s music calendar is local Music. Competition for ever-dwindling supply of touring independent rock bands is fierce, though Ash Street does land some more notable bigger band names that other local clubs with more clout might overlook. As of now, Ash Street distinguishes itself by being one of few local rock venues that does not pad their nights with easier to support DJ’s, opting instead to comb the town for full bands and fill their schedule with raw, decidedly organic, sounds.”