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Assembly Hall Champaign


Assembly Hall

The University of Illinois Assembly Hall literally comes alive after dark, with its great, white dome glowing in the night sky, the brightness within symbolic of the superstars who perform under its unique roof.

From rock shows to Broadway to family shows to Fighting Illini basketball and much more, the Assembly Hall has hosted the top names in show business, as well as, numerous University and community events. Performers and events hosted at Assembly Hall include The Rolling Stones, Garth Brooks, Elvis Presley, U2, Frank Sinatra, "Les Miserables," Bob Hope, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Aerosmith, Reba McEntire, Tina Turner, "Cats," Bill Cosby, University of Illinois Commencement, The Harlem Globetrotters, Bruce Springsteen, "Sesame Street Live!" and countless others.

The Assembly Hall opened on March 2, 1963 and continues to attract attention for its design and construction. Four hundred feet across, it at one time was one of only two-edge supported domes in the world. The roof is supported by 614 miles of one-quarter inch steel wire wrapped at the base of the dome under intensive pressure. The architect was Max Abramovitz, a distinguished University of Illinois alumnus. His firm also designed the United Nations Buildings, much of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and the University of Illinois’ own Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.

In seating capacity, Assembly Hall ranks among the great arenas of major cities. It has nearly 16,000 permanent seats, but when portable chairs are placed on the floor for an in-the-round performance there is potential of up to 17,200 depending on the size of the stage.

The largest Illinois arena outside of The United Center in Chicago, Assembly Hall continues to present the hottest and most exciting performers and events in the world!