Audubon Yacht – Pier 40

Audubon Yacht - Pier 40

When you picture New York City soirees, what do you imagine? Bars, clubs, or lounges? These are all wonderfully classic venues of fun, but classic can sometimes mean repetitive and old. What better way to indulge in great entertainment and take in all the amazements of the city than aboard one of the most popular yachts in Manhattan? With dance floors, leather-seated lounges, two climate-controlled decks, and two full bars, the Audubon Yacht is one of the most remarkable vessels to hit the Big Apple's harbor. Graced with a spacious top deck and panoramic windows, you can enjoy golden sunsets and world famous sights like the New York City skyline, Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and more…you can rest assured land dwellers will envy your surrounding views! From weddings to special holiday offers, the Audubon Yacht sets sail year-round for some of the best cruise events we have to offer.

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