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Aura New York


Experience NYC’s newest hotspot where the seduction of your vices battles the anchors of your virtues. Our crimson lower level will entice your sins while our blue ethereal upper pleases your soul as you journey backwards and forwards through the infinite depths of AURA.

To walk into the new club Aura is to leave the fast-paced world of New York behind and enter a realm built to entertain all 5 senses. Tiled with a smooth stone facade, the entry way welcomes patrons to the lofty, yet cozy, space. Warm chocolate walls set a sensuous tone for the club, while overhead red lights heighten the room’s warm energy.

Strategic alcoves built right into the walls house candles that give Aura a relaxed, but fun, glow. A generous granite-topped bar allows patrons to enjoy their drink with ease, while still staying connected to the crowd around them. And when club-goers are tired of dancing, suede banquets offer ample seating throughout the first level of the space.

Rising above it all is Aura’s private VIP section. A hidden staircase leads patrons to the “the box” overlooking the first level of the club. The secluded loft area allows VIPs to stay a part of the entire scene below while enjoying the privacy only the VIP box can allow. While there, VIPs can choose which seating works best for them – either lounging on the traditional banquets or reclining on the plush floor cushions throughout the space. Almost eye level to the VIP box is the raised DJ booth, set high above the crowd to allow the mix master to feed off of the entirety of the crowd’s energy.

Patrons looking for a change of pace need only to descend to Aura’s more intimate lower level. Ones inner-fire can’t help but be ignited by the red walls throughout and the continuation of the upper-level’s radiant quality with the amber lights overhead. Stone tiles and dark hard wood floors, along with the long leather banquets, up “the sleek factor” in the room.

A separate DJ booth allows for an entirely different set list and vibe for the lower level. There’s really no reason to ever leave – especially since Aura’s lower level even has spacious additional bathrooms!

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