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Avalon Sacramento


Avalon Bar & Nightclub is the newest upscale experience that will take Sacramento nightlife to a whole new level. The stunning new bar & nightclub is located in the heart of downtown Sacramento at 805 15th Street. The fresh design and rich ambiance will envelop guests upon the moment they enter Avalon. With a large patio, plenty of comfortable seating and a beautiful view of the historical governor’s mansion, the sexy and romantic feel is in abundance inside Avalon’s exclusive VIP.
In addition to regular evening formats, Avalon Bar & Nightclub will host a variety of spectacular events that will include corporate parties, fashion shows, art exhibits &/or concerts just to name a few. Avalon Bar & Nightclub can accommodate all small & large party needs, with private bottle service. Avalon Bar & Nightclub will feature a diverse music selection which includes sexy house, rock, salsa, vintage hip hop, R&B, & 80’s classics mixed by some of the world’s finest DJ’s bringing an uptown city experience into the Sacramento nightlife. Avalon will also take part in various charity events profiting The Veterans Affair Association as well as other organizations. Experience Avalon’s true "City Style" TODAY!!