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Avila Boston


Avila a new Modern Mediterranean restaurant is the creation of Davio’s owner Steve DiFillippo. Avila offers flavors of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and France. Many of the dishes are rooted in tradition, however chef Rodney Murillo has given them a modern twist. The menu features small plates perfect for the individual who wishes to try several items to fully plated entrees, ala crate specialties and an assortment of side dishes. Classic specialties, like Onion Soup from France, Lamb Souvlaki from Greece and Whole Roasted Branzino from Spain are part of the menu but each has been given a modern flare. Only the freshest products are utilized, including all natural Brandt beef and a varied selection of fresh seafood – Swordfish, Bass, and Lobster. Fresh breads, desserts, ice creams made daily by Pastry chef Tom Ponticelli. Enjoy the open display kitchen, the island bar with cozy banquet seating and a diverse wine list with over 300 bins

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