B.E.D. Miami

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The New B.E.D. 

Now open 7 days a week!
We take you beyond the velvet ropes, where you are guided past the concierge, through reality and into serene ecstasy.

Revisiting Miami at her prime when service, dining, and entertainment were the cornerstones of a great night out. Pushing the limits with new ideas, creating ways for socialites to feel exclusive but included in all of nightlife’s experience. Come inside comfortably in your own skin, style, and enjoyment. A true stomping ground for the world to visit and desire. Feel the energy from the moment you land to the moment you have realized paradise is a reality. Let us set you free…….
Welcome to South Beach
Rebirth – Innovative – Empowering – Inclusive – Energy - REVOLUTION

Dinner or VIP table reservations please call 305-532-9070 every day from 11am-8pm


25% off VIP Bottle Service

25% off Cocktails

20% off Food

Free entry for 2 guests

Unlimited Use!!! Good Forever!

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