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B Flat New York

B Flat

Owned and run by a pack of Angel’s Share expats, this dark wood-paneled downstairs lounge bills itself as an “authentic bar.” That means the straight-lined, Tokyo-style bar fronts a mesmerizing array of liquors, the deep, high-backed booths make good conversation spots, and each drink is carefully and lovingly crafted. Each drink is prepared as carefully and intricately as any gourmet chef would create a fine entrée: the drinks are poured, mixed, stirred, and blended with Japanese ingredients. To continue the music theme of the bar’s name, the drinks are all named after jazz compositions. One of the cocktails that’s sure to hit the right note is the aptly titled Moment’s Notice: not only John Coltrane’s infamous jazz piece but also a perfect harmony of plum wine, sake and peach liqueur that’s ideal for an impromptu nightcap. Ask one of the masterful bartenders for a Groovy: shiso-infused vodka mixed with yuzu juice, garnished with a shiso leaf, and cooled with hand-chiseled ice chunks.

Stave off hunger pangs with the small plate menu, which includes deep-fried spring rolls stuffed with unagi, kabayaki, avocado, mozzarella, and shiso; and grilled Berkshire pork with enoki and Tokyo scallion miso garlic sauce.

The very civilized “no standing” rule ensures that hordes of beer-swilling frat boys won’t crowd the bar. The soundtrack is exclusively Jazz (as if you couldn’t see that coming). Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald swagger through the speakers, creating the perfect platform for a laid-back conversation with some friends or a romantic evening with a special someone.

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