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Babylon Nightclub Ottawa

Located in Ottawa’s Centretown area, Babylon is a multipurpose nightlife venue that has made a name for itself in recent times as one of the best live music venues in the area. This space doubles up as a concert hall and a club, so expect a mix of different beats and atmospheres depending on the night. Whether you are an EDM fan, a reggae lover, or 1960s tunes are your craze, Babylon always has something you can get down to. 

Hundreds of avid concert-goers and party fiends have fallen in love with Babylon’s laid-back, no-fuss atmosphere. With no dress code policy, no cover charge and an open-minded spirit, Babylon brings together an eclectic mix of fun-loving nightlife enthusiasts, making it a great place to chill or meet new people. Club-goers can forget the glow sticks, white-glove treatment, aerial performers and glowbots on show at other nightclubs, because Babylon is all about authentic, full-throttle Rock ‘N’ Roll hedonism.

Babylon boasts a main stage area and a large dance floor, as well as tons of sitting space, which means it’s a great place to come with a crew of music-loving friends. Get up close to the stage during concerts, or head over to the sitting area and sit back as you take in the vibe of the live music and catch a glimpse of  the local nightlife. Be sure to keep an eye on Babylon’s detailed event calendar, because this venue is home to all kinds of shows, concerts, private events, annual bashes and more.