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Babylon Restaurant


Authentic Moroccan Cuisine. Transportive Experience.
Inspired by the opulence of the ancient Mesopotamian city of Babylon and the legendary wonderment of the Hanging Gardens comes a conceptual restaurant, lounge, and event space unique in its kind to downtown Raleigh’s dining and entertainment landscape.
Enter Babylon -- an exotic, cosmopolitan destination celebrating authentic Moroccan cuisine guided by the confluence of multi-layered Spanish, French, Jewish, and African cultures.
Hidden in plain sight on the cusp of downtown’s Glenwood South District and the Capitol District, surrounded by a wall of brick and cedar, sets a seductive outdoor dining terrace exuding the sophistication of a southern European courtyard and the ornate tones of the palaces of Marrakesh and Fez.
An embellished oasis welcoming all to an unparalleled experience, Babylon inhabits a more than century old structure that has been painstakingly restored, reflecting respect for the building’s original facade while seamlessly incorporating regal elements, all imported from Morocco.

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