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Badda Bing Gentlemen`s Club Las Vegas


Badda Bing Gentlemen’s Club

Welcome to Badda Bing, the ONLY Gentleman’s club in Las Vegas which is owned by a local man, Rick Belcastro. Rick was born and raised in Las Vegas; he understands this city, its residents and the Industry here better than anyone.

Rick is extending a personal invitation to you to come visit Badda Bing. Rick takes his club to heart, he is very proud of Badda Bing. Rick will take the time to make you feel welcome, he enjoys sitting down with his customers for a drink and some conversation, and he is always looking for feedback from his patrons so your comments about Badda Bing do not fall on deaf ears. Rick wants to make Badda Bing a club all of Las Vegas can be proud of.


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