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Baja Surf Grill Victoria


The Baja Surf Grill at 535 Yates St. was created to take you to the legendary southern California Baja
region. Inside, you will discover an old winery near the coastal town of Ensenada, transformed into a Surf
Grill featuring authentic Baja California cuisine.

The legendary Baja Fish Taco, one of our features, was originally created by immigrant Japanese fisherman, creating battered fish delicacies with tailored salsas, a special cream salsa, fresh cabbage, pico de gallo, in a
traditional corn or flour tortilla.

We recommend you sit back, enjoy a nice glass of sangria, a frothy beverage or refreshing cerveza from the Longboard Lounge bar and prepare to be delighted by gourmet Baja delicacies. We welcome you to come enjoy the new Baja Surf Grill!

Bienvenidos !! Ole!!!

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