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Bamboo Tiki Lounge Calgary

Bamboo Tiki Lounge The Place With its lavish simplicity, warm-hued woodwork and Polynesian masks, the Bamboo is dressed to impress. Any minute you expect to see Gilligan and the Skipper come staggering in after a hard day of trying to get off the island. But for something truly awe-inspiring, look no further than the bar. Order your favourite martini and take a step back to see a huge fluorescent crashing wave ala Hawaii Five-0. If you put your ear up to it, you can hear the ocean. The People Connected to the Drum and Monkey Pub, this South Pacific meets North Atlantic atmosphere works. The over-21 crowd wets its appetite at the bar before tucking into the pub or a night out on the town, but it’s well worth dropping by for a cocktail or some food and soaking in the lovely ambiance, night out or not. Check out the club’s unique events from happy hour Tuesdays to Mojo Saturdays, always sure to be one of the best parties or celebrations in Calgary.

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