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Bar Veloce New York

Bar Veloce opened its doors in March, 2000 in Manhattan’s East Village. Fusing an Italian-style paninoteca (panini bar) with a modern wine bar, its goal was to deliver exciting, reasonably priced Italian wine and food to discerning New Yorkers. That being said, the focus never strayed from the fact that Bar Veloce is a BAR, not a café, lounge or restaurant. European-styled and modeled as a “fast bar”, a pit-stop, owner and visionaire Frederick E. Twomey found great inspiration for Bar Veloce during his time spent in Europe, finding himself drawn to the counters of casual bars for refreshment while en route. He designed Bar Veloce to serve as a watering, feeding, and meeting point where people gather for a quick glass of wine and a superior bite to eat, simultaneously enjoying a sophisticated, comfortable space with attentive and professional service.

In spirit of being a “fast bar,” food and wine at Veloce is delivered with precision at the original communal table – the bar – giving customers the freedom to set their own pace to their experience. Prices are reasonable in an effort to both encourage the enjoyable union of wine and food, and to enable customers to make multiple visits a week, all the while promoting a healthier sense of alcohol. The wines are more unique, more sought after than at your average bar and represent the diverse spectrum of Italy’s terroir. The food, though not hyper gourmet, is made from the finest Italian products and is barely manipulated in order to bring forth the freshest of flavor. Enjoy…

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