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BARCODE (PRODUCT Upper Level) Toronto

Situated on the upper level of Product. The club’s ultra-chic interior design is an “art collector’s residence-meets-nightlife” concept, says designer Kenny Baird, “drawing influences from a modern New York penthouse apartment al la Studio 54 with a mix of colourful paintings, collage works, murals and sculpture that pay homage to New York pop artists James Rosenquist and Andy Warhol and Britain’s Allen Jones (best known for his work on Clockwork Orange).”

An old factory building first built in 1936 with a Victorian vibe, design elements include an 8′ high dramatic chandelier, an ornate fireplace and the renowned award-winning bathroom. Heralded new design elements include an upgraded high fidelity sound and LED lighting and a custom DJ booth centre stage made out of reflective laminate tiles, allowing revelers to experience the show from any vantage point in the room. Other featured elements include 75 ft. of mural with large pop art printed canvases created by designer Kenny Baird, Clockwork Orange inspired mannequins made out of fiberglass and metallic car paint, and cozy seating areas that mix contemporary furniture with the luxurious banquets in vinyl and velvet.

Located in the heart of Toronto’s colorful entertainment district, close to the area’s finest restaurants and theatre district.

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